About Comfex

Comfex Business Centres is a well managed and beautifully appointed office facility that fulfills all the requirements of running a successful office. Our staff is friendly, courteous and professional. Our office equipment is state-of-the-art. Our location is convenient and our rates are very competitive.

We provide you with an excellent alternative to leasing your own space for your office and administrative support requirements. With our facilities and services, you not only cut your costs dramatically but at the same time you enhance your business image, as well as create a fair amount of extra time (normally wasted on mundane administrative chores), which can now be used productively to generate more revenue for yourself.

Furthermore, with us, there is no need for long-term lease commitments. Our facilities allow you to expand or cutback almost instantly. There are virtually no capital costs for buying office equipment or leasehold improvements, nor any expenses and headaches of monitoring various service contracts for equipment and furniture. We deal with equipment breakdowns as well as the hiring, training or firing of support personnel. Simply stated, we take care of all this and more, for a fraction of the usual costs.

The environment at COMFEX is suitable for many types of business. Whether you are an independent entrepreneur, a professional, a major corporation seeking a sales office, or a home-based business looking to expand. We have developed eight unique plans to serve different needs. We feel, at least one of these should meet with your requirements.

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